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1:55 Drawings - Rolling Stock

Drawings with asterisk * are right-side view drawings, or drawings with brake wheel oriented towards the right.  This is applicable to cars that are different side-to-side.

All lengths given are interior lengths unless otherwise noted.

Drawings listed with black text are recent drawings that are up to 2007 detail standards.


Exterior-Post Boxcars

[older versions]


Mechanical Reefers

Hopper Cars

Open-top Hoppers

Exterior-Post Covered Hoppers

Smooth-side Covered Hoppers

Cylindrical Covered Hoppers

Pressure-Differential Covered Hoppers

Flatcars, Intermodal cars

General-Service Flatcars

Heavy-Duty Flatcars

Bulkhead/Centerbeam Flatcars

COFC/TOFC Flatcars, Spine Cars

Well Cars

Autorack cars

Enclosed Bi-level Autoracks

Enclosed Tri-level Autoracks

Gondola cars, coil cars

Mill Gondolas

Woodchip Gondolas

Bathtub Gondolas

Coil Cars

Tank cars

13,000-15,000 gallon

23,000-25,000 gallon


Wide-Vision Cabooses

Passenger cars



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