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Locomotives Dimensions

The following images illustrate locomotive dimensions that I have obtained either indirectly (from specifications or online measurement sources) or directly (by measuring locomotives myself).

EMD GP40-2

I obtained many of the dimensions for second-generation EMD units from general arrangement drawings, parts diagrams and real-world measurements listed online. The drawing lists most of the dimensions I used for the GP40-2 and related models. Some of the dimensions were interpolated from those listed for other models (such as the SD40)

EMD GP40-2 - conductor's side


All the main dimensions I used in my SD40-2F drawings came from a GMD general arrangement diagram, which is the source of all the dimensions listed in this drawing.


GMD SD40-2F - conductor's side


I came across a low-resolution SD70ACe general arrangement diagram online illustrating many of the frame and hood dimensions. I used these dimensions in both the 1:36 and 1:18 renditions of the SD70ACe and SD70M-2. The drawing below lists all the dimensions I used from the general arrangement diagram.


EMD SD70ACe - conductor's side

MLW C-424

In May 2013, I made a trip to Exporail and took ground-level measurements of many of the locomotives there. The first drawings to benefit from these measurements were MLW C-424 variations.


MLW C-424 - conductor's side
MLW C-424 - engineer's side

MLW M-636

In March 2013, I took detailed measurements of CP M-636 #4723, on static display in Farnham, QC. The drawings below list all of the measurements I took, with a few minor corrections (+/- 0.25") so some of the totals add up. The measurements I took (listed in black) correlated exactly with nominal dimensions (listed in red).


MLW M-636 - conductor's side
MLW M-636 - engineer's side

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