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Locomotive Phases - EMD GP38-2

I initially based these phases on SD40-2 phases by Scott Chatfield, and later added Phases 1c2, 1c3 and 2a2 based on the GP38-2 roster compiled by Robert Sarberenyi. I have reversed Sarberenyi's Phase 1c and 1d desciptions since the two phases were produced concurrently and Phase 1c units (listed as Phase 1d by Sarberenyi) show three variations of early/late details.

Transition: From late GP38 to early GP38-2

While all the overall dimensions and proportions were retained with the start of the Dash-2 series, many small detail changes were made to the entire locomotive. As a result, the GP38-2 shares hardly a single body panel with the previous GP38.

Cab and cab sub-base


Underframe and walkway

Phases - GP38-2

The GP38-2 underwent a similar evolution to the GP40-2 and SD40-2.

Phase 1a

Phase 1b1

Phase 1b2

Phase 1c1

Phase 1c2

Phase 1c3

Phase 1d

Phase 2a1

Phase 2a2

Phase 2b1

Phase 2b2

Phase 2c1

Phase 2c2

Phase 2d

Phase 3a

Phase 3b

Model variations

Other details

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