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Locomotive Phases - GE U23B, U30B, U33B, U36B

These phases are based on the U30B roster compiled by David Thompson.  I have adopted these phases in the 1:36 drawings after using slightly different phases in the 1:55 drawings.  I have observed some additional detail differences, which I have added in existing phases as well as in two new phases: 2b2 and 2b3.


Phase 1a

(Late U28B carbody)

Phase 1b

Phase 1c

Phase 2a

Phase 2b1

Phase 2b2

Phase 2b3

Phase 2c

Phase 2d

Phase 2e

Phase 2f1

Phase 2f2

Phase 2g1

Phase 2g2

Phase 2h1

Phase 2h2

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