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Number ▼ Type DateLocation, RailroadNotes
Large Small - ACFX 36584ACF Covered hopper, 5701 cu-ft2007-07-06London, ON (Yard), CN
Large Small - ACFX 36979ACF Covered hopper, 5800 cu-ft2013-10-12Farnham, QC (Yard), MMA
Large Small - ACFX 37137ACF Covered hopper, 5701 cu-ft2012-07-03London, ON (Yard), CN
Large Small - ACFX 38398ACF Covered hopper, 5701 cu-ft2009-07-02London, ON (Yard), CN
Large Small - ACFX 40864ACF Covered hopper, 5711 cu-ft2007-07-06London, ON (Yard), CN
Large Small - ACFX 41035ACF Covered hopper, 5800 cu-ft2013-10-12Farnham, QC (Yard), MMA
Large Small - ACFX 45054ACF Covered hopper, 5000 cu-ft2007-05Waterville, QC, SLR
Large Small - ACFX 45087ACF Covered hopper, 5000 cu-ft2015-06-29London, ON (Yard), CN
Large Small - ACFX 45274ACF Covered hopper, 5000 cu-ft2014-09-27London, ON (Yard), CN
Large Small - ACFX 45282ACF Covered hopper, 5000 cu-ft2004-09-19Waterville, QC, SLR
Large Small - ACFX 45290ACF Covered hopper, 5000 cu-ft2004-11-15Lennoxville, QC, SLR
Large Small - ACFX 45604ACF Covered hopper, 5001 cu-ft2005-04-27Waterville, QC (Courval Rd.), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 45932ACF Covered hopper, 5000 cu-ft2004-11-30Lennoxville, QC, SLR
Large Small - ACFX 48227ACF Covered hopper, 4650 cu-ft2003-06-20Lennoxville, QC, MMA
Large Small - ACFX 51037ACF Covered hopper, 5000 cu-ft2007-05-05Sherbrooke, QC (Yard, Wellington St.), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 51233ACF Covered hopper, 5000 cu-ft2004-09-19Compton, QC (South of Drouin Rd.), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 51762ACF Covered hopper, 5000 cu-ft2008-09-02Farnham, QC, MMA
Large Small - ACFX 51860ACF Covered hopper, 5000 cu-ft2008-09-02Farnham, QC, MMA
Large Small - ACFX 57518ACF Covered hopper, 5250 cu-ft2010-07-06London, ON (Yard), CN
Large Small - ACFX 57557ACF Covered hopper, 5250 cu-ft2010-07-19Lennoxville, QC, SLR
Large Small - ACFX 57667ACF Covered hopper, 5250 cu-ft2010-11-18Bromptonville, QC, SLR
Large Small - ACFX 58131ACF Covered hopper, 5250 cu-ft2009-07-01London, ON (Yard), CN
Large Small - ACFX 58312ACF Covered hopper, 5250 cu-ft2010-07-19Lennoxville, QC, SLR
Large Small - ACFX 58849ACF Covered hopper, 5250 cu-ft2007-07-06London, ON (Quebec St. Yard), CP
Large Small - ACFX 59315ACF Covered hopper, 5250 cu-ft2010-03-05Lennoxville, QC, SLR
Large Small - ACFX 59319ACF Covered hopper, 5250 cu-ft2010-11-25Sherbrooke, QC (Queen Victoria Blvd.), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 59354ACF Covered hopper, 5250 cu-ft2011-04-08Lennoxville, QC, SLR
Large Small - ACFX 59461ACF Covered hopper, 5250 cu-ft2003-07-27Newport, VT (Yard), MMA
Large Small - ACFX 64910ACF Covered hopper, 5711 cu-ft2010-04-26Sherbrooke, QC (Yard), MMA
Large Small - ACFX 65882ACF Covered hopper, 5800 cu-ft2009-03-12Waterville, QC (Nichol Rd.), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 67375ACF Covered hopper, 5250 cu-ft2009-03-12Waterville, QC (Nichol Rd.), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 71503ACF Tank car, 30,133 gallons2010-06-07Compton, QC (Rte. 208), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 71750ACF Tank car, 26,195 gallons2009-03-12Waterville, QC (Nichol Rd.), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 72027ACF Tank car, 16,374 gallons2008-11-05Sherbrooke, QC (Yard), MMA
Large Small - ACFX 72032ACF Tank car, 16,372 gallons2006-05-07Sherbrooke, QC (Yard), MMA
Large Small - ACFX 72372Tank car, 20,672 gallons2014-07-22Montreal, QC (Courcelle St.), CN
Large Small - ACFX 73002ACF Tank car, 13,840 gallons2010-06-27Lennoxville, QC, MMA
Large Small - ACFX 75542ACF Tank car, 21,025 gallons2009-03-12Waterville, QC (Nichol Rd.), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 75563ACF Tank car, 21,079 gallons2009-03-12Waterville, QC (Nichol Rd.), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 75601ACF Tank car, 13,852 gallons2010-04-26Sherbrooke, QC (Yard), MMA
Large Small - ACFX 75605ACF Tank car, 13,851 gallons2008-09-04Sherbrooke, QC (Yard), MMA
Large Small - ACFX 75878ACF Tank car, 13,866 gallons2008-11-05Sherbrooke, QC (Yard), MMA
Large Small - ACFX 75953ACF Tank car, 13,878 gallons2009-07-21Sherbrooke, QC (Mitchell Rd.), MMA
Large Small - ACFX 76199ACF Tank car, 13,684 gallons2008-11-04Sherbrooke, QC (Yard), MMA
Large Small - ACFX 76207ACF Tank car, 13,683 gallons2008-11-05Sherbrooke, QC (Yard), MMA
Large Small - ACFX 76555ACF Tank car, 21,083 gallons2013-09-17Montreal, QC (Courcelle St.), CN
Large Small - ACFX 76903ACF Tank car, 16,388 gallons2018-08-27Stellarton, NS, CBNSSodium Hydroxide Solution
Large Small - ACFX 76982ACF Tank car, 20,959 gallons2009-03-12Waterville, QC (Nichol Rd.), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 77398Tank car, 17,349 gallons2013-03-18Waterville, QC (Courval Rd.), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 79513ACF Tank car, 21,059 gallons2012-07-03London, ON (Yard), CN
Large Small - ACFX 79723ACF Tank car, 30,166 gallons2012-10-18Sherbrooke, QC, MMA
Large Small - ACFX 80952ACF Tank car, 23,420 gallons2009-09-01Richmond, QC, SLR
Large Small - ACFX 82949ACF Tank car, 20,884 gallons2009-09-01Richmond, QC, SLR
Large Small - ACFX 83455ACF Tank car, 21,011 gallons2009-09-01Richmond, QC, SLR
Large Small - ACFX 83737ACF Tank car, 20,990 gallons2009-09-01Richmond, QC, SLR
Large Small - ACFX 83826ACF Tank car, 23,520 gallons2009-09-01Richmond, QC, SLR
Large Small - ACFX 86207ACF Tank car, 17,365 gallons2014-07-22Montreal, QC (Courcelle St.), CN
Large Small - ACFX 86916ACF Tank car, 16,184 gallons2010-04-26Sherbrooke, QC (Yard), MMA
Large Small - ACFX 86919ACF Tank car, 16,179 gallons2014-01-13Montreal, QC (Courcelle St.), CNSodium hydroxide solution
Large Small - ACFX 87294ACF Tank car, 20,987 gallons2004-11-14Sherbrooke, QC (Yard), MMA
Large Small - ACFX 87337ACF Tank car, 16,166 gallons2007-09-24Waterville, QC (Courval Rd.), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 89595Tank car2001-04Waterville, QC (Courval Rd.), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 94178ACF Tank car, 16,358 gallons2008-01-12Cookshire-Eaton, QC, MMA
Large Small - ACFX 94194ACF Tank car, 16,367 gallons2010-03-10Sherbrooke, QC (Acadie St.), MMA
Large Small - ACFX 94199ACF Tank car, 16,363 gallons2008-01-31Sherbrooke, QC (Yard), MMA
Large Small - ACFX 94199ACF Tank car, 16,363 gallons2008-01-31Sherbrooke, QC (Yard), MMA
Large Small - ACFX 94440ACF Tank car, 16,384 gallons2008-07-19Lennoxville, QC, SLR
Large Small - ACFX 94447ACF Tank car, 16,387 gallons2005-03-11Waterville, QC, SLR
Large Small - ACFX 94455ACF Tank car, 16,382 gallons2014-09-27London, ON (Yard), CNPotassium Hydroxide Solution
Large Small - ACFX 94726ACF Tank car, 13,632 gallons2010-10-12Compton, QC (Station Rd.), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 94783ACF Tank car, 13,636 gallons2011-07-18London, ON (Yard), CN
Large Small - ACFX 94783ACF Tank car, 13,636 gallons2011-07-18London, ON (Yard), CN
Large Small - ACFX 94783ACF Tank car, 13,636 gallons2013-04-10Sherbrooke, QC (Yard, Wellington St.), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 94788ACF Tank car, 13,630 gallons2011-07-18London, ON (Yard), CN
Large Small - ACFX 94800ACF Tank car, 13,629 gallons2011-08-16Waterville, QC, SLR
Large Small - ACFX 94803ACF Tank car, 13,629 gallons2014-07-11Montreal, QC (Courcelle St.), CN
Large Small - ACFX 94824ACF Tank car, 13,621 gallons2008-05-05Lennoxville, QC, SLR
Large Small - ACFX 94826ACF Tank car, 13,628 gallons2005-07-01Waterville, QC (Courval Rd.), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 94952ACF Tank car, 20,985 gallons2013-09-17Montreal, QC (Courcelle St.), CN
Large Small - ACFX 94975ACF Tank car, 13735 gallons2011-04-08Lennoxville, QC, SLR
Large Small - ACFX 94984ACF Tank car, 13,720 gallons2012-09-12Sherbrooke, QC (Yard, Wellington St.), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 94985ACF Tank car, 13,720 gallons2008-02-20Sherbrooke, QC (Aberdeen St.), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 95005ACF Tank car, 13,724 gallons2016-01-09Lennoxville, QC, SLRsulfuric acid
Large Small - ACFX 95066ACF Tank car, 13,099 gallons2011-07-18London, ON (Yard), CN
Large Small - ACFX 95070ACF Tank car, 13,099 gallons2010-06-07Compton, QC (Rte. 208), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 95161ACF Tank car, 13,741 gallons2013-06-05Sherbrooke, QC (Yard, Wellington St.), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 95176ACF Tank car, 13,734 gallons2010-11-25Sherbrooke, QC (Queen Victoria Blvd.), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 95192ACF Tank car, 13,752 gallons2011-10-26Sherbrooke, QC (Queen Victoria Blvd.), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 95216ACF Tank car, 13,742 gallons2014-07-11Montreal, QC (Courcelle St.), CN
Large Small - ACFX 95927ACF Tank car, 23,543 gallons2016-10-27Stellarton, NS (Yard), CBNS
Large Small - ACFX 99232ACF Covered hopper, 5700 cu-ft2010-07-02London, ON (Yard), CN
Large Small - ACFX 200101ACF Tank car, 30,041 gallons2013-04-04Sherbrooke, QC (Yard, Wellington St.), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 200182ACF Tank car, 21,073 gallons2014-08-06Montreal, QC (Courcelle St.), CN
Large Small - ACFX 200185ACF Tank car, 21,074 gallons2014-08-06Montreal, QC (Courcelle St.), CN
Large Small - ACFX 200245ACF Tank car, 21,065 gallons2013-09-17Montreal, QC (Courcelle St.), CN
Large Small - ACFX 200687ACF Tank car, 25,605 gallons2013-04-10Sherbrooke, QC (Yard, Wellington St.), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 200746ACF Tank car, 16,353 gallons2006-04-20Waterville, QC, SLR
Large Small - ACFX 200754ACF Tank car, 16,338 gallons2003-05-03Lennoxville, QC, SLRdamaged - 2003-03-28 derailment
Large Small - ACFX 200754ACF Tank car, 16,338 gallons2003-05-15Lennoxville, QC, SLRDamaged in derailment 2003-03-28
Large Small - ACFX 200755ACF Tank car, 16,344 gallons2013-04-28Sherbrooke, QC, MMA
Large Small - ACFX 220032ACF Tank car, 33,675 gallons2010-04-02Sherbrooke, QC (Yard), MMA
Large Small - ACFX 220043ACF Tank car, 33,666 gallons2010-04-02Sherbrooke, QC (Yard), MMA
Large Small - ACFX 220260ACF Tank car, 33,628 gallons2013-04-10Sherbrooke, QC (Yard, Wellington St.), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 220273ACF Tank car, 33,634 gallons2010-10-12Compton, QC (Station Rd.), SLR
Large Small - ACFX 240033ACF Tank car, 17,366 gallons2013-06-29London, ON (Yard), CNchlorine
Large Small - ACFX 924205Ortner Open hopper, 3800 cu-ft2015-04-29Stellarton, NS (Yard), CBNS
Large Small - ACFX 924207Ortner Open hopper, 3800 cu-ft2016-10-23Stellarton, NS (Yard), CBNS
Large Small - ACFX 924210Ortner Open hopper, 3800 cu-ft2016-10-23Stellarton, NS (Yard), CBNS
Large Small - ACFX 924223Ortner Open hopper, 3800 cu-ft2016-10-23Stellarton, NS (Yard), CBNS
Large Small - ACFX 924228Ortner Open hopper, 3800 cu-ft2015-04-29Stellarton, NS (Yard), CBNS
Large Small - ACFX 924242Ortner Open hopper, 3800 cu-ft2016-10-23Stellarton, NS (Yard), CBNS
Large Small - ACFX 924254Ortner Open hopper, 3800 cu-ft2016-10-23Stellarton, NS (Yard), CBNS
Large Small - ACFX 924257Ortner Open hopper, 3800 cu-ft2015-04-29Stellarton, NS (Yard), CBNS
Large Small - ACFX 924259Ortner Open hopper, 3800 cu-ft2015-04-29Stellarton, NS (Yard), CBNS

Results: 1-114 of 114

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