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Number ▼ Type DateLocation, RailroadNotes
Large Small - CRGX 5278Trinity Tank car, 17,586 gallons2015-06-29London, ON (Yard), CN
Large Small - CRGX 7344Trinity Tank car, 25,538 gallons2016-06-30London, ON (Yard), CN
Large Small - CRGX 7444Trinity Tank car, 25,544 gallons2008-04-02Sherbrooke, QC (Yard), MMA
Large Small - CRGX 7789Trinity Tank car, 25,556 gallons2007-05-05Sherbrooke, QC (Yard, Wellington St.), MMA
Large Small - CRGX 7792Trinity Tank car, 25,579 gallons2010-04-02Sherbrooke, QC (Yard), MMA
Large Small - CRGX 7842Trinity Tank car, 25,529 gallons2008-04-02Sherbrooke, QC (Yard), MMA
Large Small - CRGX 19700Trinity Tank car, 19,636 gallons2015-06-29London, ON (Yard), CN
Large Small - CRGX 30058Trinity Tank car, 29,961 gallons2009-04-25Lennoxville, QC, SLR

Results: 1-8 of 8

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