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Mark, NumberTypeDateLocation, RailroadNotes
Large Small - SLR 3803EMD GP40-32004-06-30Waterville, QC, SLR
Large Small - SLR 3803EMD GP40-32004-09-26Compton, QC (South of Drouin Rd.), SLR
Large Small - SLR 3803EMD GP40-32004-10-04Lennoxville, QC, SLR
Large Small - SLR 3803EMD GP40-32009-03-12Waterville, QC (Nichol Rd.), SLR
Large Small - SLR 3803EMD GP40-32010-10-20Compton, QC (South of Drouin Rd.), SLR
Large Small - SLR 3803EMD GP40-32016-06-06Richmond, QC (Rte. 143), SLR
Large Small - SLR 3804EMD GP40-32004-04-30Waterville, QC (North of Courval Rd.), SLR
Large Small - SLR 3804EMD GP40-32005-06-22Waterville, QC, SLR
Large Small - SLR 3804EMD GP40-32008-03-24Waterville, QC (Courval Rd.), SLR
Large Small - SLR 3804EMD GP40-32011-06-30Waterville, QC (Nichol Rd.), SLR
Large Small - SLR 3804EMD GP40-32011-09-19Sherbrooke, QC (Yard, Wellington St.), SLR
Large Small - SLR 3805EMD GP40-32004-03-24Compton, QC (South of Drouin Rd.), SLR
Large Small - SLR 3805EMD GP40-32004-05-09Compton, QC (South of Drouin Rd.), SLR
Large Small - SLR 3805EMD GP40-32005-02-13Waterville, QC (Courval Rd.), SLR
Large Small - SLR 3805EMD GP40-32005-04-27Waterville, QC (Courval Rd.), SLR
Large Small - SLR 3805EMD GP40-32011-07-07Waterville, QC (Courval Rd.), SLR
Large Small - SLR 3805EMD GP40-32011-07-07Compton, QC (South of Drouin Rd.), SLR
Large Small - SLR 3806EMD GP40-32005-02-27Waterville, QC (Courval Rd.), SLR
Large Small - SLR 3806EMD GP40-32005-03-18Waterville, QC, SLR
Large Small - SLR 3806EMD GP40-32005-07-01Waterville, QC (Courval Rd.), SLR
Large Small - SLR 3806EMD GP40-32011-04-08Sherbrooke, QC (Aberdeen St.), SLR
Large Small - SOO 6042EMD SD602004-06-10Delson, QC, CP
Large Small - STLH 8206GMD GP9u2004-06-23Lennoxville, QC, SLR
Large Small - TVRR 147Flatcar2004-09-25Waterville, QC, SLRRail train
Large Small - TVRR 160Flatcar2004-09-25Waterville, QC, SLRRail train
Large Small - UNPX 127197Procor Covered hopper, 3000 cu-ft2017-05-05Stellarton, NS, CBNSAcadia Ave. crossing
Large Small - VIA 908GE P42DC2013-05-27Montreal, QC (Courcelle St.), CN
Large Small - VIA 916GE P42DC2007-01-02Kitchener, ON (Station), GEXR
Large Small - VIA 918GE P42DC2010-07-05London, ON (Yard), CN
Large Small - VIA 6438GMD F40PH-2D2004-08-11Moose Lake, BC, CN
Large Small - VIA 6438GMD F40PH-2D2004-08-11Moose Lake, BC, CN

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