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Undecorated Drawings - GE Dash 9-44CWL

Selected Scales: 1:181:36 X1:55 X

See the GE Dash 9 Series Phases for phase descriptions.

Drawings with an asterisk * indicate right-side view drawings.

1:18 Drawings

Number of Drawings: 2

Model Built Phase Numbers Notes Last modified
GE Dash 9-44CWL
GE Dash 9-44CWL
1994-12 CN 2500-2522 CN Class EF-644a
2017-02-25Revision history:

- Revised vertical bars in dynamic brake intakes

- Center hood roof & side panels

- Added traction pin in center of trucks

- Revised cab side window size and location

- Added empty handbrake chain bracket to front right truck
- Corrected location of hinges on first 2 hood doors under front air intake (left side)

- Corrected location of 3rd handrail stanchion from rear and rear air pipe vent valve (immediately under stanchion)

- Replaced 2 X-panels ahead of front air intake with single larger X-panel
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