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1:18 Drawings

Model Built Phase Numbers Notes Last modified
EMD GP38-2
1977-05 2a1 ITC 2001-2004
2019-01-24Revision history:

- Truck shape and casting logos

- Radiator fans (bottom rim edge and upper rim clips)

- Inertial air intakes (revised upper/lower ridge detail)
- Rear steps (removed top step corner extension)

- Revised position of lift ring and flag holder at rear of long hood
- Corrected minor line glitch on latches on first engine room door

- Relocated front hood seam resulting in revised hood proportions
- Front section of hood lengthened and blower duct widened by 1"
- Revised hood section under inertial air intake
- Gap from seam to middle hood doors shortened by 0.75"
- Middle hood doors shortened by 0.25"
- Increased height of walkway blower duct and bottom of hood doors
- Corrected seam at bottom corners of long hood
- Revised paper air filter housing and dynamic brake taper
- Revised roof fan hatch

- Front left traction motor cables moved 2.25" rearward
- Front right traction motor cables and air piping moved 0.75" to 1" rearward

1:36 Drawings

Model Built Phase Numbers Notes
1969-05 -
ITC 2301-2306