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Undecorated Drawings - KOG

Selected Scales: 1:181:361:55

See the Locomotive Phases section for phase descriptions.

1:18 Drawings

Number of Drawings: 2

Model Built Phase Numbers Notes Last modified
1964-11 1b3 KOG 700-701 re# MP 570-571; 850-851; 2000-2001
2019-01-18Revision history:

- Relocated front hood seam resulting in revised hood proportions
- Front section of hood lengthened and blower duct widened by 1"
- Gap from seam to middle hood doors shortened by 0.75"
- Middle hood doors shortened by 0.25"
- Increased height of walkway blower duct and bottom of hood doors
- Corrected seam at bottom corners of long hood
- Corrected minor line glitch on latches on first engine room door