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Undecorated Drawings - PTM

Selected Scales: 1:181:361:55

See the Locomotive Phases section for phase descriptions.

1:18 Drawings

Number of Drawings: 2

Model Built Phase Numbers Notes Last modified
1956-06 1a1 MEC 801; PTM 1082 PTM 1082 re# MEC 802
2019-08-21Revision history:

- Shorter cab side window
- Added radiator fan clips

- Replaced curved sanding line pipe at ends with hose
- Revised pipes on engineer's side behind fuel tank
- Added rooftop vent on conductor's side behind cab

- Revised air cooling manifold piping (over intercooler intake)

- Decreased height of cab sub-base doors
- Revised base of handrail stanchion near long hood end