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Scale Train Drawings

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Welcome to the Trainiax drawings page! This is a collection of drawings that I have been working on since late 2000.



I'm now most of the way through a large update that affects almost all EMD/GMD 1:18 drawings. I'm adding foundry-specific trucks (with casting logos) to any drawings that are still missing them. I also discovered small inconsistencies in the rooftop fans when making SD40-2(W) drawings, so all radiator/dynamic brake fans are receiving revisions to the lower edge, roof bolts and rim clips. GMD wide-nose cab units have received some additional small corrections. The changes are all very minor, but I'd like all the drawings to be consistent - and it's much easier to correct them now than to wait until I have a much larger number of 1:18 drawings to sort through!

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I haven't yet incorporated all the 1:55 drawings into the drawing search pages above. The remaining drawings are still listed on the older 1:55 pages:

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About the Drawings

  • All of my drawings, painted or undecorated, are of real locomotives and rolling stock.
  • All of my completed drawings are online, and they exist only as they appear here; I have no higher-resolution or vector versions.
  • Contributed drawings from previous years (2006 and earlier) are online, but I no longer post new contributions.
  • I do take requests for new drawings.  I can never guarantee their completion, but I try to fill them out regularly.

Terms of Use

My Drawings

Personal Use: The drawings are free for all personal uses at no cost. My written permission is not necessary for personal use.

Non-personal use: Please contact me for any form of non-personal use of the drawings, such as display on other websites. Commercial use of the drawings is prohibited without my permission.

Check out the Links page for websites with other drawings, including modified versions of the drawings posted on this site.

Contributed Drawings

Any non-personal use of contributed drawings requires permission from the original artists. Email me if you would like to contact them.

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