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Welcome to the Trainiax drawings page! This is a collection of drawings that I have been working on since late 2000.



One problem arises, two problems solved! Today I attempted to update the dimensions of SD45-2 drawings, and it didn't quite work - the revised SD45 hood doors didn't line up properly with the SD45-2 rear hood section, which was mostly good as-is.

So I went back to the SD45 mechanical drawings and made a conversion table and template of all the dimensions - and discovered that my rearward shift of the SD45 hood doors by 1" was a half-inch too much for all but the first six doors. Shifting them forward means they should now work with the SD45-2 (and an SD45T-2 I have in progress) - first problem solved.

I also moved the SD45 dynamic brakes forward, bringing them in line with my SD40 drawings. They're a half-inch ahead of what the EMD diagrams say, but for some reason on both the GP35 and SD45, lining the dynamic brakes up with the diagrams puts them 0.5" too far to the rear compared to the hood doors. In any case, the consistency issue in my own drawings (SD40 vs SD45) is resolved - second problem solved.


Well, two items of good news: First, the realigned fuel tanks on the GP38 and GP40 drawings have brought three of the four smaller fuel tank positions (two 2,600 gallon variations and one 3,200 gallon) to the same place as on Dash-2 units (either exactly or within 1 pixel) as well as perfectly matching the location of the fuel cut-off switch. The series therefore now match where they didn't before.

Second, a cursory glance at the GP/SD50 and 60 series reveals much smaller dimensional errors than on Dash-2 and earlier units, mostly involving small shifts of 1 or 2 pixels to match shared parts. As these drawings were later than my 38 and 40 series (which were the first 1:18 drawings) they benefitted from more thorough dimension-checking.


I think these EMD revisions are going to drive me insane - but progress is being made! All was well today until I got to the SD38-2 - at which point I realized that the dynamic brakes in the SD38 and SD40 series (which I had just relocated based on SD45 mechanical drawings) were 0.5" too far rearward compared to the rest of the hood. A half-inch doesn't sound like much (and normally I would accept it) but the dynamic brakes are supposed to be centered with the hood doors, and it resulted in an obvious misalignment. After re-checking all possible hood dimensions I'm unable to account for the discrepancy - so my SD38 and 40 series drawings will simply be 0.5" different from my SD45 drawings.

In the process, I also discovered a more time-consuming correction - the middle handrail stanchions in my GP38 and GP40 drawings (along with the air reservoirs and fuel tank) were too close to the front by 1" to 1.5". At least, I think that's how far off they were - because I've found variations of up to 1" in those dimensions on the prototype from unit to unit. I realize I'm splitting hairs at this point, so I'm simply lining the stanchions and fuel tank up with average measurements and calling it a day.

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