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Welcome to the Trainiax drawings page! This is a collection of drawings that I have been working on since late 2000.



Thank goodness for templates! By copying images containing revised parts surrounded by transparent areas, I'm able to update many drawings relatively quickly - and as a result, almost 400 drawings of second-generation EMD hood units have received revisions in the last 2 days (out of roughly 900 that are affected by the hood seam issue I discovered yesterday). I'm also making a few other corrections I've come across, affecting the walkway blower duct, the bottoms of the hood doors, the radiator intakes, the rooftop fan plate and the bottom corners of the long hood. One of the "templates" for these revisions is now illustrated in the Creating the Drawings page under "Revisions".


Well, that's annoying. I had known for several years that there was a small inaccuracy in my second-generation EMD drawings: The seam between the front and middle hood sections (right behind the inertial air intakes) was slightly too close to the cab. I thought the difference was 0.5", which was small enough for me to live with. However, after finding a new SDP45 mechanical diagram (along with reviewing the diagrams I already had for other models) I discovered the error was actually 1". Accordingly, on the pre Dash-2 35 to 45 series, the blower duct was 0.75" too narrow, the dustbin hatch was 1.5" too short, and the exhaust stack was 2" too far forward.

These errors are too high, so I've started the (tedious) task of correcting them. All EMD hood units from the 30 series to the 60 series are affected to varying degrees. Over the years, I ran into several minor issues when sharing parts across EMD models - dynamic brakes didn't fit perfectly between the SD40 and SD45, the blower duct didn't line up perfectly with handrail stanchions on the SD60 - and it's likely that they were all caused by this error. It likely stemmed from insufficient dimension-checking when I made the first 1:18 GP40 drawing in 2012, at which point I had significantly fewer reference photos and mechanical diagrams than I do now.

I have already made corrections to one model - the SD45, which was possibly the most affected by the error. I had scaled my SD45 drawings using EMD mechanical drawings that had hood dimensions starting from that seam, so the whole middle section of the hood needed to be moved rearward by 1", with a 1" reduction in the rear hood section. EMD 38, 39 and 40 series models are not as significantly affected, since the rest of the hood was mostly correct (within 0.25") and the forward seam simply left an over-large gap (0.75" too high) between the seam and first hood door. I haven't yet confirmed what changes will be necessary in the 50 and 60 series.

Click here for an illustration of the dimensions that are affected on the SD45 (red = old, black = correct)

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