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Welcome to the Trainiax drawings page! This is a collection of drawings that I have been working on since late 2000.



U36B hood + C30-7 underframe + a few additional changes = U36C! Six-axle U-boats have now arrived in 1:18, addressing one of the biggest gaps in the drawings. While the U30C was well represented in both 1:36 and 1:55 (along with a few newer 1:55 U33C drawings) the rest of the series never made it past early 1:55 drawings. Prior to today's additions the only U36C drawings on the site were two (now rather crude) left-side views from 2001, and there are some models (such as the U25C, U28C and later U23C) that I've never drawn at all.

In the past couple of days I've also made additional revisions to four-axle U-boat drawings, involving the seam behind the cab on the right side, addition of fuel cut-off switches, and corrected right front corner handrail. The four-axle Universal drawings have been a perfect illustration of why I generally allow a one-week "debugging" period after introducing a new locomotive model, during which I don't mark revision dates in the drawing - since several of them have been revised almost daily over the past week. At this point I think I have most of the details polished.


Following the arrival of the U18B, I've expanded into the U36B and (today) the U23B. As expected, the first few U-boat drawings have received a host of minor revisions over the last few days as I've been working out the kinks in the series, along with one significant revision affecting the proportions of the radiators and rear end grabirons (which I had neglected to fully change from the Dash-7 version).

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