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Welcome to the Trainiax drawings page! This is a collection of drawings that I have been working on since late 2000.



Revised terms of use: All who have been waiting for email answers from me, rejoice! I've decided to relax the terms of use of the drawings. I realized that I haven't been keeping up with all emails asking for permission to use the drawings - many were falling to the bottom of my inbox in the midst of work-related emails. And of all those I've answered, I can't remember any instances where I've refused.

As a result, my prior permission is no longer required for non-commercial use of the drawings - on two conditions:

Of course, I'd still enjoy knowing how/if the drawings are being used or displayed - but I'm hoping the new terms will keep people who'd like to use the drawings from falling through the cracks.

I'm going to be batch-processing the images to remove the permission requirement displayed at the bottom of all the drawings. The "last modified" date listed for 1:18 drawings won't be affected.

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I haven't yet incorporated all the 1:55 drawings into the drawing search pages above. The remaining drawings are still listed on the older 1:55 pages:

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Terms of Use

As of March 2019, I've revised the terms of use for the drawings. Non-commercial display of the drawings no longer requires my prior permission.

Non-commercial use: The drawings are free for all non-commercial purposes at no cost. I would only ask the following:

Commercial use: Please contact me for commercial use of the drawings.

Check out the Links page for websites with other drawings, including modified versions of the drawings posted on this site.

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