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1:28 Drawings - EMD Locomotives

There are two versions of the 1:28 drawings: the originals, introduced in 2000, and later series that ended with a single locomotive in 2005. Originally intended to become a specialized, highly detailed series to complement the 1:55 drawings, the 1:28 series have since been rendered obsolete, first by the 1:36 series and later by the 1:18 series.

These drawings are not accurate (although the 2005 drawings are close) so I keep them online for archival purposes only. Because the 2000 series is from before I looked up specific railroad variations, some of the fuel tank/truck/dynamic brake combinations may not actually exist. The 1:28 drawings from 2000 are the oldest drawings on this site.

Drawings with an asterisk * indicate right-side view drawings.

2005 Series - Undecorated


2005 Series - Painted

St. Lawrence & Atlantic/St. Laurent & Atlantique Qu├ębec

2000 Series



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