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Trainiax Drawings - 1:55 series

Most of my drawings are listed in the main drawing pages sorted by model or by railroad, using a format I started in 2010. So why are some 1:55 drawings still listed here instead?

The answer: I used to edit the lists of drawings manually, but the new pages list, sort and count the drawings automatically using a database. However, that means that I need to add all the over 3,000 1:55 drawings from the previous 10 years into the database to appear alongside my newer drawings - one database entry for every single drawing or left-right pair! On top of that, I'm also standardizing the file names and adding new labels in the drawings themselves.

I'm not done yet - but the majority of 1:55 drawings are now done. I am gradually adding all the remaining 1:55 drawings to the new pages - at which point I remove them from these old pages.

North America

Undecorated Diesel Locomotives

Undecorated Electric Locomotives

Undecorated Steam Locomotives

Undecorated Rolling Stock


International / Intermodal



Road Vehicles

Other Images

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