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Above: OEXX M-420TR #26 in Magog, QC, 2009-07-12. (Click to enlarge)

Welcome to Trainiax! In this site you'll find drawings, photos and recordings of trains—one of the world's most fascinating modes of transportation. All Aboard!

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I make regular updates to the site with new photos and drawings. Check the What's New section for site updates!


Trainiax started in 2000 as a way for me to share the train drawings, photos and audio recordings I had made, along with train-related information I was discovering. Although the site has grown in size and complexity over the years from its very modest beginnings, the core purpose has remained the same. Any questions or comments, or reported problems with the site, are very much appreciated.

The site name "Trainiax" arose out of a need for something more original than "Michael Eby's Train Homepage". It's derived from the plural of "trainiac", an expression that arose many years ago among my family and friends (in both French and English) to describe railfans such as myself.