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Welcome!  Designed to be easy to navigate, loaded with information, photos and drawings, and certainly aimed at fellow "trainiacs", this page focuses on one of the world's most amazing modes of transportation: trains.

Throughout the site are many photos of North American trains from the St. Lawrence & Atlantic (formerly CN) branch line in Quebec, and preserved locomotives seen at various museums, as well as a few European photos from 1993-1994. Also featured in this site are both medium-sized and large scale diagrams of locomotives at scales on the screen of about 1:30 and 1:55, and there are ten various undec/painted drawings of the world-famous TGV from France.  Finally, there's loads of information on trains, including info on what was regarded as the most revolutionary locomotive since Stephenson's rocket, why the SD40T-2/SD45T-2 "tunnel motors" were invented, and the reasons ALCO locomotiveshave their billowing smoke when accelerating.  Drawings, photos and recordings are added frequently, and I try to update this site at least one or twice a week.  Check back every so often for new additions!

For those new to this fascinating obsession, all the photos of operational trains (except the commuter and intercity trains in France) are of typical diesel-electric locomotives, essentially the only kind used for North American freights.  Their numerous model designations and several builders may seem confusing, so if there's anything you'd like to know more about, e-mail me.  Any questions or comments, or reported problems with the site, are very much appreciated-- send them to  All Aboard!


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