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Michael Eby's Train Homepage

Above: CN GP9RM's 7001 and 7025 pass sisters 4014 and 7017 in London, Ontario, on July 02, 2008. (Click to enlarge)

November 28 update: If you found spam links at the bottom of this page on or shortly before November 25, it is because my FTP account was hacked and the index.html file (this page) was altered. No other sections of the site were affected, and I have since created a new FTP account.

Welcome to Trainiax!  Here you'll find drawings, recordings, photos and loads of info that relate to one of the world's most fascinating modes of transportation.

What you'll find in the site:

-Thousands of computer-generated drawings of trains in two sizes developed since 2000
-Nearly 900 modified, painted or created drawings sent in by contributors
-Photos of trains from around the world
-Sound recordings of diesel and electric trains
-Pages devoted to interesting train-related facts and information
-Links to other train pages

Any questions or comments, or reported problems with the site, are also very much appreciated. Send anything to

Check back every so often-- I generally update the site several times a week, with drawing, recording and photo additions along with homepage facelifting. Drawings requested from site viewers are always in progress. All Aboard!

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