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Welcome to Trainiax! In this site you'll find drawings, photos and recordings of trains—one of the world's most fascinating modes of transportation. All Aboard!


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About the Author

My name is Michael Eby, and I have been a lifelong railfan. You'll find more about me in the E-mail section. Any questions or comments, or reported problems with the site, are very much appreciated. Send anything to

About the Site

Trainiax has been online on various servers since 2000. Right from the beginning, it has incorporated a little bit of everything—train drawings, photos, sound recordings and information. Over the years it has grown from a very modest collection of images on pages with plain text to an archive of thousands of images spread over hundreds of pages. It has received very gradual updates in presentation and layout that ultimately led to the present CSS-based version.

The site name "Trainiax" arose out of a need for something more original than "Michael Eby's Train Homepage". It's derived from the plural of "trainiac", which is an expression I've sometimes used to describe railfans (such as myself).

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