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1:55 Drawings - Rolling Stock

All 1:55 drawings are being updated with new labels and file names. In the process, they are being removed from this page and displayed alongside the 1:36 and 1:18 drawings in the same tabular format.

When there is a difference between the car description on this page and the description in the image, this page is correct. Some images contained incorrect builder or capacity information that is being corrected as the drawings are migrated into the new system.

Drawings with asterisk * are right-side view drawings, or drawings with brake wheel oriented towards the right.  This is applicable to cars that are different side-to-side.


Exterior-Post Boxcars


Mechanical Reefers

Hopper Cars

Open-top Hoppers

Exterior-Post Covered Hoppers

Smooth-side Covered Hoppers

Cylindrical Covered Hoppers

Flatcars, Intermodal cars

General-Service Flatcars

Heavy-Duty Flatcars

Bulkhead/Centerbeam Flatcars

COFC/TOFC Flatcars, Spine Cars

Well Cars

Autorack cars

Enclosed Bi-level Autoracks

Enclosed Tri-level Autoracks

Gondola cars, coil cars

Mill Gondolas

Woodchip Gondolas

Bathtub Gondolas

Coil Cars


Wide-Vision Cabooses

Passenger cars