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Locomotives Dimensions - EMD F59PHI

I scaled my F59PHI drawings based on several sources of dimensions, with the major dimensions (length, truck centers etc.) readily available online. The dimensions of the hood side panels and grills came from an EMD / CDOT F59PHI service parts catalog in which dimensions of some components were specifically stated. (Dimensions are rounded to the nearest quarter-inch).

The contours of the nose and roof panels and the alignment of the hood panels compared to the frame and trucks were based on a general arrangement diagram, and a few other components (such as the cab windows) were also based on diagrams within the parts catalog (double-checked with photos).

Some dimensions were obtained indirectly, such as the spacing of the carbody bolts/rivets (based on how they lined up with other components) and the coupler, walkway and hood height (based on other related EMD units). The rest of the components for which dimensions are not listed were based on photo measurements of the F40PH-2D, F59PH and F59PHI.

EMD F59PHI - conductor's side