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Locomotives Dimensions - EMD SDP45 (SD45M)

The dimensions I used in my SDP45 drawings came from an EMD SDP45 general arrangement diagram as well as a number of SD45 mechanical diagrams, including of the underframe, hood structure, dynamic brake hatch, radiators, handrails, cab and inertial air intakes. EL units built for freight service were commonly known as SD45M's; other than the rear-most hood section, they shared the same dimensions as other SDP45's. Many of these dimensions apply to other EMD models from the GP35 to the Dash-2 series, particularly the cab, inertial air intake area, dynamic brakes and overall hood proportions.

Dimensions are rounded to the nearest quarter-inch since that's the finest increment I can make in the drawings.

EMD SDP45 - conductor's side