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Locomotives Dimensions - MLW RS-10, RS-18, RSC-14


In 2015 and 2017, I took ground-level measurements of CN RS-18 #3684 preserved at Exporail. In making the drawings, I made a few minor changes to the measurements (+/- 0.25") so all the totals add up.

Measurement notes:

Variations from the listed measurements:

MLW RS-18 1
MLW RS-18 2


I did not take measurements of ONT RS-10 #1400 at Exporail in 2015, and when I went back in 2017 it was no longer on public display. However, using a combination of details photos of #1400, diagrams, measurements of an MLW RS-2 (which shares much of the same door spacing) and prime mover dimensions - along with the many dimensions shared with the RS-18 - I was able to narrow down the hood dimensions of the RS-10 to a level of precision comparable to direct measurements.

The diagrams below list the dimensions that are different from the RS-18; the underframe is almost identical between the models. The RS-10 shown represents CN #3074-3093 (RS-10S) as-built and with Type B trucks, as opposed to the RS-18 drawings representing #3677-3700 as modified and equipped with lightweight trucks. Otherwise, the drawings of the two models are as similar as possible (a late RS-10 and an early RS-18 built to the same CN specifications).

MLW RS-10 1
MLW RS-10 2


In summer 2018 I measured CN RSC-14 #1754, preserved at the New Brunswick Railway Museum. Conveniently, not only does this unit differ from #3684 at Exporail by the swap to A1A trucks, it also (like all RSC-14's) is a later-production unit with transverse fuel tank/air reservoirs and L-channel handrail stanchions, thereby filling in many gaps in my RS-18 measurements.

Measurement notes: