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Locomotive Descriptions and Phases - ALCO/MLW C-424

These phases are consistent with commonly used C-424 phases, with Phase 3 split into three sub-phases.

Phases 2 through 3c are concurrent with Phases 1 through 2c for the ALCO C-425.


Phase 1 2 3a 3b 3c
Rear numberboards Extend beyond carbody Notched into carbody
Air intake near radiator Two horizontal openings Single vertical opening
Battery boxes Fore and aft of the cab Under left rear walkway
Side sill Oblong openings No oblong openings
Air reservoirs One on each side Both on right side
Front air intake Small square grid, fastened with tabs Wire mesh on top of large square grid, fastened with rectangular frame
2 Hood doors below exhaust stack Half-height Full-height
Phase 1 2 3a 3b 3c

Other details

CP C-424

MLW C-424's used by CP received several exterior modifications during their time in service:

Additionally, several CP C-424's received alternators from retired M-630 units late in their service careers. These units were CP 4202-4206, 4210-4211, 4213-4215, 4220, 4223, 4228, 4234 and 4244 (possibly others in the mid-1990s). Externally, this modification resulted in the addition of a third air reservoir under the left walkway (for air start) and an additional curved housing above the central air intake. The piping normally located under the left walkway was shortened to make room for the air reservoir. The exact location of the shortened piping and air reservoir straps varied between units.


In May 2013, I made a trip to Exporail and took ground-level measurements of many of the locomotives there. The first drawings to benefit from these measurements were MLW C-424 variations.


MLW C-424 - conductor's side
MLW C-424 - engineer's side