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Locomotive Descriptions and Phases - GE U28B

The U28B was introduced in 1966 as an evolution of the U25B. It initially retained the same frame and carbody, with the cab set back some distance from the front of the locomotive, and raised boxes on the walkway near the rear housing the air intakes and filters.

A few months into production, GE substantially revised the internal equipment layout, resulting in a different carbody design. The twin radiator fans were replaced with a single large fan, resulting in a wider section of the hood near the radiators. The equipment blower, previously located between the radiator fans, was moved to a new location behind the cab, pushing the cab forward and requiring a separate front air intake. The battery boxes, previously fore and aft of the cab on the right side (with bolted rectangular panels) were grouped together behind the cab.

The increase in horsepower over the U25B occurred at the same time as EMD introduced the 3000-horsepower GP40. One year later, GE would match it with the U30B, which in turn formed the basis for several other related models ranging from 1800 to 3600 horsepower.


The U28B is commonly divided into two phases based on the carbody type. I've elected to divide Phase 2 into three sub-phases based on smaller detail variations.

Phase 1 2a 2b 2c
Dates 1966-01 -
1966-05 1966-06 -
1966-10 -
Cab Centered behind the front jacking pad Moved forward; centered in front of the front jacking pad
Radiators/intakes Flush with hood Wider than the engine compartment
Rear walkway Raised boxes under radiators Flat
Equipment blower Between radiator fans Behind the cab, with a separate front air intake
Battery boxes (right side) Fore and aft of the cab Grouped together behind the cab
Fuel tank Tall vertical section with small lower bevel Larger lower bevel
Cab windows Sharp corners More rounded corners


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