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Road vehicles, Lineside Structures and Equipment

While I had initially pondered expanding into many types of railroad signs and road vehicles, I never went beyond these initial drawings. I have not (yet) made similar drawings in 1:18.

Lineside Structures and Equipment

1:36 drawings

Sign Country Lights,
Track Bell
Crossbuck sign Canada 8", 20" Single Mechanical
Crossbuck sign Canada 8", 20" Multiple Mechanical
Crossbuck sign USA 8", 20" Single Mechanical
Crossbuck sign USA 12", 24" Single Electronic

Road Vehicles

1:36 drawings

Subaru Legacy wagon, 1995-1997 (Brighton, L)
Subaru Legacy wagon, 1995-1996 (LS, LSi)

1:55 drawings

Chevrolet Impala, 2000-2005
Chevrolet Impala, 2000-2005 (police package)
Chevrolet Venture extended, 1997-2005
Ford Crown Victoria, 1998-2005
Ford Crown Victoria, 1998-2005 (police package)
Oldsmobile Silhouette extended, 1997-2004
Subaru Legacy sedan, 2005
Subaru Legacy wagon, 2005