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Lettering and Logos

These images are not official railroad images, but they are my best attempts to create accurate railroad text and logos to use in the drawings. While I've been able to find many sources of lettering and painting diagrams and have downloaded a number of fonts, I don't buy commercial fonts nor do I contact railroads for painting specifications. As a result, many of my renditions are traced from photos. Helvetica is an extremely common lettering and number font which I've tradtionally matched using variations of Swiss 721 (although I also now have a couple of Helvetica variations as well).

About the source material:

The text and logos listed here are the latest versions that I've been using in the 1:18 drawings. I've gradually been updating and uploading older logos that were previously used in the 1:55 and 1:36 drawings. For more information on their creation, see Creating the Drawings - Painted Drawings.

All 1:18 logos are 4 pixels per scale inch. If you would like to fit the logos on 1:36 or 1:55 drawings, scale the 1:18 version to 50% or 34% respectively.

List of Railroads