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Undecorated Drawings - EMD GP39X

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1:18 Drawings

Model Built Phase Numbers Notes Last modified
1980-11 1a2 SOU 4600-4605 GP49 carbody, frame
2021-01-12Revision history:

- Truck shape and casting logos

- Added conductor's side short hood hatch
- Added short hood flag brackets
- Removed engineer's side fuel gauge and short hood light
- Revised end handrails

- Revised center hood door spacing
- Revised hood behind cab
- Blower duct widened by 1"
- Increased height of walkway blower duct and bottom of hood doors
- Corrected minor line glitch on latches on first engine room door

- Revised side handrail stanchions
- Increased handrail thickness
- Revised radiator and dynamic brake fan dimensions and spacing
- Fuel tank vent pipe (increased diameter, revised fittings)
- Increased metal sand pipe diameter
- Air pipe vent valve (left front / right rear under walkway)

- Fuel tank height and gap from underframe

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