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Painted Drawings - APA

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The year under "Paint, date" indicates the date of the reference photo(s) used for the drawing.

1:18 Locomotives

Number Model Paint, date Notes Last modified
APA #97
MLW C-424 green/white
2022-11-12Revision history:

- Truck casting logos

- Added missing end transoms to Type B trucks
- Added short hood top grabiron
- Revised rooftop dynamic brake vents
- Changed wheel colour from black to brown/silver

- Revised hood lettering
- Hood roof panels and hinges

- Redrawn cab face (revised dimensions and nose/roof contours)
- Cab sides moved rearward by 0.5"
- Front/rear hood ends moved inward by 0.25"
- Hood length reduced by 0.75" (length removed in 4 doors under exhaust stack)
- Coupler cut lever thickness and height

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