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The year under "Paint, date" indicates the date of the reference photo(s) used for the drawing.

1:18 Locomotives

Number Model Paint, date Notes Last modified
RI #342
EMD GP40 maroon/yellow
2022-02-04Revision history:

- Truck shape and casting logos
- Radiator and dynamic brake fans (bottom rim edge and upper rim clips)

- Fuel tank supports
- Cab sub-base ribs
- Corrected minor line glitch on latches on first engine room door
- Relocated front hood seam resulting in revised hood proportions
- Front section of hood lengthened and blower duct widened by 1"
- Gap from seam to middle hood doors shortened by 0.75"
- Middle hood doors shortened by 0.25"
- Increased height of walkway blower duct and bottom of hood doors
- Corrected seam at bottom corners of long hood
- Revised radiator intake grills and roof fan hatch
- Revised handrail stanchion spacing
- Fuel tank and air reservoirs moved 1" to 1.5" rearward
- Revised exhaust stack

- Increased handrail thickness
- Revised radiator and dynamic brake fan dimensions and spacing
- Fuel tank vent pipe (increased diameter, revised fittings)
- Added missing pixel in side frame above rear of fuel tank

- Fuel tank height and gap from underframe

- Coupler cut lever and pilot details
- Corner handrail end plate / stairwell attachment points

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