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Welcome to the Trainiax drawings page! This is a collection of drawings that I have been working on since late 2000.



The DC SD70 series (including the SD70M and SD75I) was always an early arrival in previous scales: It was among the first "tiny trains" I drew in 1999, and it appeared in the second year of the 1:55 series (2001), the first year of the redrawn 1:55 series (2005) and the second year of the 1:36 series (2009).

But 1:18 was the exception - and today the first SD75I variations finally arrived almost 10 years into the series. I had actually started on the SD75I before the SD70MAC, which arrived in late 2020; I drew them partly in parallel but then focused on finishing the SD70MAC since it was much less well-represented in earlier scales.


The thing about having a website for many years is that you sometimes lose track of lingering old pages or bits of outdated code - long forgotten amid more recent updates.

Case in point: The 1:36 "Road vehicles, Lineside Structures and Equipment" listed under "Other Images" below. I discovered that those drawings (formerly split in two pages) were still using the page template from many years ago - and hence the pages had a complete lack of page styles and colours! I've updated them to the current format - and in the process combined them (as well as the 1:28 and 1:14 drawings) into two pages instead of four.

Another code-related update: A long-overdue switch from http to https.

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I haven't yet incorporated all the 1:55 drawings into the drawing search pages above. The remaining drawings are still listed on the older 1:55 pages:

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My drawings would not be possible without the extensive contributions from many site viewers sharing photos, diagrams, phase details or corrections, and I am very belatedly publicly sharing my gratitude to those who have helped. (If you've sent me stuff and you're not on the list, please remind me!)

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While I am not open to commercial use of the drawings, they are free for all non-commercial purposes at no cost. I would only ask the following:

Check out the Links page for websites with other drawings, including modified versions of the drawings posted on this site.