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Welcome to the Trainiax drawings page! This is a collection of drawings that I have been working on since late 2000.



A couple of milestones: First, on November 26, I reached my goal of 150 drawings for the year. This was slightly more modest than the goal of 175 or 200 I had set for most of the previous 8 years, but there are relatively few large series of similar drawings remaining (I've already churned out the majority of common models like the SD40-2 and AC4400CW).

Second, as of today the 1:18 series has been online for 10 years. While I expected it would be a long-running series (the culmination of gradual size increases over the years) it's still hard to believe that it's been a decade already!


Another new arrival to report! The GE P42DC has made its debut in 1:18. The last time I drew a P42DC was in 2002, at the beginning of the 1:55 series - and while at the time I considered it one of my best drawings, by now it was well overdue for updating.

The P42DC has actually been on my to-do list for over a decade. I started a 1:36 rendition in 2010 and it reached about 80% completion, but it was still missing all the underframe cables and piping - and I never finished it before starting the 1:18 series. Then, after taking pictures of VIA Rail units in 2013-2014, I started a 1:18 version in 2017 (based in part on the work I had done in 1:36) but stopped at the very early stages of the carbody outline since I still lacked sufficient reference material for the finer underframe details. I decided to take a "wait and see" approach, hoping that new material would eventually appear online in later years.

That wait paid off: In early 2022 I obtained a complete P42DC parts catalog (the holy grail of reference material) and the drawing reached about 50% completion by January 2022, with the rest of the work happening over the past week. The only parts missing from the catalog were the air pipes, so I did an extensive search for photos of three tricky areas (around the air dryer behind the front truck, variations in pipes behind the air reservoirs, and behind the right rear step) to fill in the details.

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My drawings would not be possible without the extensive contributions from many site viewers sharing photos, diagrams, phase details or corrections, and I am very belatedly publicly sharing my gratitude to those who have helped. (If you've sent me stuff and you're not on the list, please remind me!)

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While I am not open to commercial use of the drawings, they are free for all non-commercial purposes at no cost. I would only ask the following:

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