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Trainiax Drawings - 1:55 series

Most of my drawings are listed in the main drawing pages sorted by model or by railroad, using a format I started in 2010. So why are some 1:55 drawings still listed here instead? Because (to be honest) updating the presentation of the 1:55 drawings is a rather tedious and time-consuming task that merely alters the presentation of the drawings without adding any new content.

The new pages list, sort and count the drawings automatically using a database - which means that I need to add all the over 3,000 1:55 drawings from 2000 to 2008 into the database to appear alongside my newer drawings (replacing the lists of drawing links I created manually before 2010). In the process, I'm also standardizing the file names and adding new labels in the images themselves. As drawings are added to the current pages they are being removed from these old pages.

More than 80% of the 1:55 drawings have now been switched over, with mostly rolling stock remaining.

North America

Undecorated Diesel Locomotives

Undecorated Electric Locomotives

Undecorated Steam Locomotives

Undecorated Rolling Stock



Road Vehicles